Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys In 2021

Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys In 2021

Looking For a gift for this difficult age bracket has been simplified with the best toys and gifts for 8 year old boys in 2021 list that has been well researched and gotten all the hard work out of the way for you. Boys this have now identified with new passions and interests, formed new friends and literally became competitive. Being already introduced to STEM at school, they now look out for more challenging and engaging toys and gifts.

They may not be babies anymore but they still need toys and gifts that are child friendly. If you’re looking for a gift or toys for a friend, grandson, son, nephew for any occasion then with got you covered with the well put together list below.

Best Toys And Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys In 2021

1. KLUTZ Make Your Own Mini Erasers Toy

These are blocks of clay that turn into erasers when molded. The child can mold any shape they want with the clay shaping tool and never get to worry making writing and art project mistakes again since erasing them is cool and fun. 

With a detailed instruction book, the child gets the grip of how to exactly make custom mini erasers.

2 . Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

This is for the Lego lovers. They can make their own home Lego movies. The child will get the grip of the fundamentals of stop animation like the time lapse structure builds, single brick movement, angles for dramatic effects and so much more.

Ignite creativity and imagination in the child’s brain with this movie activity kit.

3 . 4M Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

This is for science and geology lover. The will get a grip of scientific fundamentals while having fun with the beautiful grown crystals.

When instructions provided in the manual are properly, the crystals get to grow with 4 to 7 days. Whatever is needed for the experiment to be successful is provided with no need of extra supply.

4. Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

For the magician let them pull off magic tricks with the spectacular magic suitcase. With the magic hat, magic ward and cardboard cases magic the child can right away begin the abra-kadabra performance.

The kit comes with over 100 magic tricks to teach the child great illusion secrets.

5. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

Botley the coding robot is great for kid’s coding skills and can be played with right away with no need of screen time like the phone or tablet.

The robot comes with a 45 piece activity to get the kid all through the loop of critical thinking as they unlock Botleys hidden features.

6. Game Mill American Ninja Warrior Challenge

In the comfort of their home, the kids can jump, sprint, swing and balance to a fun victory. With all the challenges , the child will enjoy to become the next ninja warrior.

With the course creator the kids can makeup challenging obstacles.

7. POWERUP Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes

This educational paper airplane incorporates the componets of STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math). 

It teaches kids the fundamentals of aerodynamics, flights and lifts. The plane can be controlled via a free app with a smartphone .

8. MindWare Marble Circuit Logic Board Game

For the child that loves challenging and critical thinking games. The multi-directional tiles have to be strategically placed on the board for the marbles to get a perfect landing.

It helps teach kids the fundamentals of cause and effect and logical thinking

9 . LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

This creative toolbox is great for kids interested in coding and robotics. With this toolbox they can build, learn and program robots using coding principles.

Being  a 5 in 1 model, the kids can build five robots from one set and each toy model getting more challenging as they progress.

A smartphone or tablet is needed to operate the LEGO Boost app.

10 . Harry Potter, Wizard Training Wand

The Harry Potter lover will be sorted with this wizard training wand. The wand senses movements and gives feedback to the kids on whether the spell has been cast.

It comes with over 11 spells for the kids to learn and grasp with the spell training guide.

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